Get the winning formula and build brand loyalty.

We offer a collection of training solutions that are designed to take your team and organization to the next level. Each of our signature programs is custom-designed to compliment your company culture, achieve the desired outcomes and exceed expectations. Enough with boring and ho-hum training: treat your team to an experience they won’t soon forget. Victory is the goal and we’re here to help. On your mark, get set, let’s go!


To compete in today’s competitive marketplace; sales and service professionals must develop and continually fine-tune a personal toolkit of techniques in a world-class level of client engagement. Clients are increasingly sophisticated and have many options; therefore the need to build better rapport, anticipate needs, deepen relationships and increase retention has never been more important. This transformative workshop will include practical examples, proven techniques, interactive activities, innovative technology and real-time coaching in a fun and engaging environment.

Benefits and Takeaways
• Enhance the 4R’s: retention, referrals, relationships and revenue.
• Elevate confidence to engage clients at all levels.
• Explore the common pitfalls in the client decision journey.
• Expand use of CRM and increase ability to anticipate client needs.
• Better manage expectations, educate clients and overcome the uncontrollable.
• Learn a 4-step strategy to resolve issues like a pro.
• Turn contacts into contracts and build a pipeline of opportunity.
• Increase ability to up-sell, cross sell and grow your book of business.


This transformative program is designed to engage, equip and empower front-line staff to take the customer experience even higher. The quality and continuity of service during the entire customer experience is critical to long-term success. With so many touch points: it is critical to engage guests with a level of service marked by quality and consistency. Participants will be challenged and inspired to shift their thinking and emerge with a new outlook for creating memories that last a lifetime. Each empowering session will include group exercises and activities, video, practical examples, situational- based learning and real-time coaching in a fun, interactive and inspiring environment.

Benefits and Takeaways
• Create service champions that share a common mindset and commitment.
• Elevate body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice in serving guests.
• Equip participants to be more knowledgeable, capable, and friendly
• Enhance staff ability to anticipate needs and exceed expectations.
• Promote greater consistency to avoid mixed messages and mixed results.
• Learn a proven four-step technique in problem resolution.
• Master first impressions, non-verbsl communication and build better rapport.


The ability of mid-level to senior leaders to effectively model the standards, motivate the staff and create the right environment is critical to sustainable success. Organizational excellence flows from leaders to the staff and ultimately to the customer experience. This transformative leadership program is designed to provide on-going best practices and continually equip leaders with the necessary tools to build and maintain a team of service champions. Each empowering session will include group exercises and activities, video, practical examples, situational-based learning and real-time coaching in a fun, interactive and inspiring environment.

Benefits and Takeaways:
• Enhance the ability to model desired behaviors and expectations.
• Learn best-in-class techniques in coaching, counseling and staff development.
• Highlight, recognize and celebrate high achievers and memory makers.
• Maximize ability to connect with staff members and inspire performance.
• Increase effectiveness of pre-shift huddles and focus meetings.
• Improve ability to recruit, select and effectively on board top talent.
• Advance efforts in building a service-centric culture.
• Contribute to the building of a talent pipeline to sustainable success.


The sustainable advantage in today’s competitive marketplace is connected to an increasingly consistent and high quality experience at every touch point. The ultimate goal is a service-centric culture of customer champions – and the key ingredient is service standards. Does your organization have a clearly defined set of expectations for how service is delivered? Can every team member articulate the promise? Do they each know the exact role they play in fulfilling it and do they own it?

Benefits & Takeaways
• Craft a branded service philosophy, promise and set of behavioral standards.
• Cultivate greater consistency and continuity across the customer experience.
• Develop a team of team service champions with a common mindset and approach.
• Create a cultural foundation of excellence for internal and external customers.
• Define the desired personal values, traits and skills to improve staff hiring decisions.
• Provide a clearly defined set of expectations and enhance team member confidence.
• Implement a best practice used by world-class and service-centric organizations.


Personal Branding and Executive Presence
This skill set is the new x-factor for today’s business professional. There is a direct correlation between the trajectory of your career and your understanding of personal branding and mastery of executive presence. You must have this type of business savvy and be keenly aware of how you are projecting yourself through business attire, dining etiquette, meeting decorum, and various forms of verbal or non-verbal communication. Our dynamic and experienced presenter will provide a rich learning experience that includes practical examples, proven techniques, interactive activities, multi-media and real-time feedback in a fun and engaging environment.

Benefits & Takeaways
• Elevate your perceived value and marketability.
• Avoid five mistakes that many professionals unknowingly make.
• Attract more opportunities, win more clients and open more doors.
• Understand how brand identity can make or break your career.
• Increase your business savvy and poise during business lunches and meetings.
• Maximize networking opportunities and create more meaningful business contacts.
• Develop deeper relationships and create loyal advocates of your brand.

Relationship Building and Communication Tool
This insightful program will dramatically increase the ability of sales and service professionals to connect with clients, understand unspoken needs and build deeper relationship. The DiSC assessment tool is the industry leader to enhanced communication techniques. Sellers have a way they like to sell and buyers have a way they like to buy. Our dynamic and experienced presenter will provide a rich learning experience to help business professionals align the preferred “buying style” of clients with their natural “selling style” to achieve much better results.

Benefits & Takeaways
• Acquire skills to adapt, adjust and relate better to anyone you encounter.
• Build instant rapport and find more common ground.
• Increase ability to understand human behavior and decision-making.
• Turn more contacts into contracts and grow your business.
• Overcome relational and personality obstacles more effectively.
• Enhance client goodwill of feeling understood and build deeper relationships.
• Anticipate needs and increasingly exceed client expectations.


We are excited to introduce the Training Game to our repertoire of training options. As a compliment to our highly effective in-person workshops: this innovative, easy-to-use and fun way of training is a game-changer. The platform is based on the latest scientific research into how skill is developed and how learning works. We convert training content into engaging mobile games that staff can play on the go; and want to play. The Training Game provides an excellent way to reinforce key concepts from the workshop, increase retention and application, staff knowledge, and further refine service-related skills.

Benefits & Features:
• Make learning extremely enjoyable and retention of vital information more effective.
• Manage your team dashboard, track progress, run reports an analyze performance.
• Publish leaderboards to cultivate competition among staff and increase engagement.
• Increase ability to incentivize high performance and recognize top performers.
• Maintain post-workshop momentum around key learning objectives.
• Continually develop your staff with technology in a cost-effective and fun way.
• Play, Compete, Learn, and Improve.